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Avipo has been working with major watchmakers and their sub-contractors for decades.
We also provide services for companies at the cutting edge of the medical sector, and for industries with stringent demands for quality. These include the leather goods sector and tableware manufacturers.
What sets us apart is our capacity to provide a full service package, providing key expertise in:

  • Chemical and laser engraving
  • Lacquering
  • Polishing
  • Pre- or post-production quality checks

We can offer fully personalised solutions that meet all of your needs.

The Company

The Avipo Group is a specialist in engraving and finishing on metal parts.

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Chemical engraving is a technique used to personalise your product. It can be used to add a logo, a décor, text, a number or anything else.

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For more than 40 years, Avipo has been manually polishing products of the highest quality.  It’s what we’ve always done.

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Whether you’ve got a one-off piece or a whole production run, a coat of lacquer can offer a unique finish to your creations.

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