Chemical engraving is a technique used to personalise your product. It can be used to add a logo, a décor, text, a number or anything else.

The techniques we use penetrate the metal to a depth of up to 0.2mm and guarantee a perfect finish, whatever the material (gold, steel, titanium, brass, etc.).


can offer the following techniques
for our engraving services:

• Traditional chemical engraving
• Traditional chemical embossing
• Laser engraving onto metal
• Chemical laser engraving (numbered sequence)
• Applying gold to the inside of the engraving
• Applying lacquer to the inside of the engraving
• Applying a black coating to the inside of the engraving

Avipo is a leader in our market,

and we maintain our position by developing more powerful
and more environmentally friendly techniques.

We are committed to protecting the environment,

and have even signed up to a “zero air and water pollution” strategy.

Our production processes are fully adapted to protect the environment over the long term.
For example, all of our high-risk products are kept in tanks stored in their own retention tanks. We also use our resources responsibly, and keep our waste to an absolute minimum.
We use as many alternative consumables and processes as possible. All of the gas we emit is filtered and washed, removing all the waste within.
Our company works alongside renowned local partners in the waste treatment sector.

Quality is our top priority!

In addition to monitoring every stage of our production process, we have also implemented a full quality management system to ensure total client satisfaction:

• A Marcel Auber video measurement system, to compare the item to the digital design (dxf format)
• a Keyence video inspection system to check the depth and smoothness of the engraving
• A profile projector, ensuring that the position is identical to that of the pdf.